Power Harmonica To Enhance Memory

Using harmonica regularly enhances memory. When we blow air then we inhale lots of air this nourishes our brain cells to increase our remembering capacity.

Use Power Harmonica to Enhance your Memory

Enhancing memory can be difficult thing especially for elderly people. However there are several memory enhancement medical supplements available but they can cause side effect too. But what if someone tell you that you can enhance your memory and boost mental performance just by playing harmonica. Sounds weird but several research show that music produced by musical instrument specially harmonica (mouth organ) can really help in improvement of human memory. So if you also have memory issues and you are tired of taking supplements and doing meditation, you can play power harmonica to enhance your memory and sharpen your mind.

 According to a research which is conducted by psychologists, learning or playing musical instrument like power harmonica seems to have a broader effect on brain and the mental function. In addition, it also improves other abilities which is required in a human to enhance the memory power. Music which is produced by this instrument reaches those part of brain which is needed to improve brain functionality and it is not possible with other ways. Playing harmonica to enhance your memory is also suggested because it can grow your brain in such a way that other remedies can’t.

 How Playing Harmonica Enhance Your Memory?

 Music played by instrument like power harmonica have dramatic impact on brain’s structure. It enhancing memory, spatial reasoning as well as language skills. There are lots of evidence which prove that musical training improves working memory of humans. Below are some points that come out in research and after reading these points you will also start playing harmonica to enhance your memory :

  •  Playing musical instrument increases gray matter volume in different regions of brain which strengthen long range connection between them
  • If someone frequently play harmonica, it enhances their verbal memory, improve mental performance reasoning and preserve memory as the age increase
  • It also increases the resilience to age related memory decline because it enhance blood flow in the brain due to which brain remains active

 Neuropsychologists explain that music produced by instruments like power harmonica is beneficial because it simulate the brain in a powerful way. You can play harmonica to enhance your memory because playing musical instrument gives complex experience which involve in the integrating performance of senses like vision, touch and hearing. Research also unveils that professional harmonica and other instrument player have a strong memory. In addition, it also improve movements which induce long lasting effect in the brain.

 Harmonica Improve Poor Working Memory

 Analyst identified that poor working memory is another factor which halt enhancement of memory. Playing power harmonica improves the working memory which help child as well as adult to enhance their overall memory power. While playing harmonica your brain area get involves in movement which also increase the visuo-spatial ability. Longitudinal studies which involve tracking of people have shown that people who do few months of musical training on harmonica get functional brain changes in compare to people who don’t. So if you play harmonica to enhance your memory, your working memory also get improved which is necessary to improve memory power.

 Now you know that there is scientific evidence of musical instrument improves memory, let’s see some other benefits you will get by playing power harmonica :

  • Minimize stress : Stress causes unbearable negative thoughts which barrage brain and impact memory. So if you play harmonica to enhance your memory your brain function also improves.
  • Improve mood : Listening instrumental music can brighten heart as well as mind. So you can give your ear nice melodies of harmonica which works like exercise of mind and make your mind relax.
  • Boost concentration : Lack of concentration is also a common reason behind poor working memory. Music played by harmonica can also improve your concentration during work or study.
  • Let you think clearly : Different studies show that human brain operates by rhythm. So by listening rhythms produced by harmonica music you can think clearly and your brain work in calculated manner.

 Some brain scanning research show that extent of the anatomical change in brain of those who play harmonica is quick than those who are using other ways to enhance their memory. Even playing some musical instrument like harmonica for short period can make moderate changes in the brain which is helpful in enhancement of memory. Even it is beneficial for those who have reached a age where memory declines because the brain doesn’t get the required blood supply. Playing harmonica not only enhance memory power, it can also improve speech processing and learning in children’s  suffering from dyslexia.

 If your memory decline with your age and you are tired of trying different remedies, you can play power harmonica to enhance your memory. You can purchase power harmonica online at a reasonable price.

Power Harmonica for COPD Patients

Power Harmonica to enhance memory recommended by therapists as it is very impactful and mind blowing device for increasing remembering power. Its a amazing therapy where you have to blow the air in Power harmonica to nourish your brain.