Covid-19 or Corona virus Disease is a global pandemic and have infected millions of people all across. Although if detected early it can be contained through isolating patients in quarantine. If the immunity of the patient is good, they can withstand the symptoms and can recover from this disease. However there is no treatment or any vaccine till date.

The Covid-19 patients who are affected, may have to face a lot of problem in doing all their earlier routine and daily schedule. The major problem is that those who get infected face breathing problems and issues related to lung infection. Even after recovery they need to improve their lung capacity for improved breathing. Further, they may also begin to respond to few medications which have been tried and was given in other respiratory viruses for the post recovery.

The Covid-19 recovered patients should do regular breathing exercise and can eat well in a manner to keep their immune system strong to perform all its function well. The patient should take their medication in a proper way as prescribed for chronic diseases regularly. However, there are also few cases of re-infection so must strictly adhere for the hand hygiene and social distancing. The patient lung capacity totally depends upon the phases from where a Covid-19 infected patient has recovered and how much damages it has created to the lungs. But in such a case where a patient is suffering from a severe breathing problem and had to be on a ventilator, then in such circumstances there are the chances of reduced lung capacity.

Such patients’ routine activities like the walking or running will also depend on their lung problem. The risk is higher as the immunity gradually decreases with age and thus has a higher disposition for other serious illnesses. All the Covid-19 recovered patients should avoid exertions initially. Gradually, as the time passes by try to increase the exercise ability. On the other end, Yoga can be quite beneficial and helpful in improving the respiratory capacity along with breathing exercises for the Covid-19 patients.

To improve lung function of Covid-19 recovered patients following measures should be taken which mainly include:

  • Regular doing of cardio exercises such as jogging, running, or brisk walking.
  • On regular basic the breathing exercise is to be done.
  • The Covid-19 recovered patient should always eat healthy food to build their immune system strong.
  • In proper way medication is to be done as prescribed for chronic disease regularly.
  • Wash your hands properly for at least about two minutes with soap or sanitizer.
  • The theory of social distancing is to be followed and adopted by Covid-19 patient.
  • Doing of Yoga daily will be very much helpful and beneficial for improving the lung functionality of Covid-19 patient.
  • The Covid-19 recovered patient should ever avoid exertions initially.

However, physiotherapists on the other side will help and need full personal protective equipment for improving the lung function of Covid-19 patients. The physiotherapists will assists to closely manage the vital signs of Covid-19 patients such as respiratory rate, oxygen levels and blood pressure to ensure movements are safely tolerated. The proper use of physiotherapists will help the Covid-19 patients to make a complete recovery of their physical function, mental health or cognitive ability.    Alternatively Covid-19 recovered patients should play power harmonica to improve lung capacity.