Natural Cure for COPD

Are you looking for how to cure copd Naturally? Well COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder causes difficulty in breathing. It mainly results in damaged caused to the lungs and as a result person suffering from it feels incapability to breathe properly. Although there is no permanent cure to COPD but its symptoms can be improved naturally. We are going to mention some of the ways which can greatly improve its symptoms and can work to improve and cure COPD Naturally.

1.Quit Smoking– Smoking is the foremost cause of COPD as it exposes your lungs to carcinogen and result in its physical damage. It also enhances the symptoms of COPD such as excessive wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, lips turning into pale colored. So smoking will worsen the conditions and make patients more prone to COPD. SO one should quit smoking ASAP if they want to cure COPD Naturally. This will definitely boost and improve breathing capacity of the lungs.

2. Active Life Style: One should try to remain as much active as possible by doing physical exercise such as brisk walking, jogging or cycling. Although it can be little tough if you are not used to such physical activities. initially it can aggravate the breathing problem but one should practice it gradually. According to research it is known that swimming can be most versatile exercise for COPD patients to improve breathing capacity of the lungs.

3. Maintain Proper Weight– If you are an obese, it can be quite difficult and even worsen your breathing problem. This is because heart and lungs work in proportion to body weight. Thus you will feel or get tired quite soon even while moving a shorter distance or while climbing stairs. Ultimately it will result in shortness of breath. So if you are obese better try to curtail your calorie intake by saying no to junk foods, carb rich diet etc. This will work as Natural cure for COPD. Contrary to this if you are an underweight, it can even more difficult to cope with COPD and can eventually result in death. As underweight patients have significantly poor immunity to cope with COPD symptoms and conditions. So proper weight management is must to cope with COPD symptoms naturally.

4. Stress Management: If you are suffering from COPD, chances are you might suffer from depression, anxiety, stress. It is seen in most cases COPD patients suffer from panic attack which result in shortness of breath which decreases breathing capacity to dangerous levels. So if you are feeling any such conditions rendering services of Psychologist can be effective. Also try to stay calm and relaxed by taking deep and long breaths. This would gush fresh air within your lungs through its passage.

5.Breathing Exercises: It is advised to follow natural breathing exercises such as pursed lip and diaphragmatic breathing process. Besides Pranayam as Yoga can also help in improving lung capacity making it easier to breathe freely. Following above mentioned points will definitely improve symptoms and work to cure COPD naturally.

Alternatively, COPD patients can use Power harmonica as it is a mouth organ designed to improve breathing in COPD patients naturally. It is safe to play like any other mouth organ by people of all age groups.