Do you know how to prevent COPD? It is one of the common lung disease in which air flow in lungs get restricted making it hard to breathe. A large number of people are suffering from this common lung disease and if not cured soon, it can lead to serious lung problem. There are many reason behind this breath related problem but cigarette smoking, working with chemicals and pollution are some of the main cause. Even you are non smoker, you can get the disease from person who is smoker and you are living with them. No doubt that COPD can ruin your life but if you are concerned, you can avoid it by taking prevention.

Some Health Measures To Prevent COPD

We all are familiar with proverb, prevention is better than cure. So, if you also don’t want to suffer from COPD infection, you can take some precautionary steps to avoid and prevent COPD. Below are some healthy life style and measures following which you can keep your lung healthy and prevent COPD.

Say no to cigarette smoking

Smoking is considered as main cause of lung disease like COPD. So if you smoke then quit smoking or if you have never smoked then don’t start. You should also make a distance form person who is smoking because as mentioned above, secondhand smoke also cause COPD. Below are some method using which you can quite smoking :

  • Self help materials
  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Counseling and medications
  • Eat healthy and do regular exercise

Taking healthy diet and proper exercise can also help you to prevent COPD and keep your lungs healthy and improve fitness level. Before you take any diet or exercise plan, talk with expert and start it slowly. Some healthy eating and workout tips to prevent COPD include :

  • Take well balanced meals and eat more frequent
  • Keep a bottle of water before start eating
  • Try to consume fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Do jogging or walking to keep lungs strong
  • Avoid pollution and follow healthy habit

After smoking, pollution emerge from transport, factory or other source is main cause of COPD and other lung disease. So first of all try to avoid pollution or wear a filter mask when it is necessary to move out. In addition, you should also follow some healthy habit to prevent COPD, such as :

  • Wash your hand well before eating or preparing food
  • Avoid visiting people suffering from cold or flu
  • Keep your house and surrounding clean from dust
  • Must get enough sleep and proper rest

However, even following precaution people get affected by COPD and they start searching way to get rid of it. There are several medication available but they can be costly or may have side effect. So you should try some safe and affordable method like playing Power harmonica, a mouth organ. It is a specially designed harmonica which produce sound and vibration by blowing air. The power which it need to produce sound has a positive impact on your lung which help you to overcome lung problem and prevent COPD.